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We are lucky enough to live in a City that has a pretty good recycling program. Check your city's website to see what they take. Here's what Carrollton does:

Acceptable Items 

•Aluminum and steel/tin cans (no foil or aluminum pans)
•Boxboard (such as cereal and cracker boxes) •Cardboard (flatten and place in cart)
•Glass bottles and jars of any color (rinse and discard lids)
•Junk mail, magazines, catalogs and phone books
•Newspaper (do not bundle or place in bags)
•Office and school paper (place shredded paper in CLEAR plastic bag)
•Paper bags
•Plastics #1 through #7
Unacceptable Items

•Batteries of any kind
•Bubble wrap
•Food-soiled paper products (such as pizza boxes)
•Hardback books
•Household hazardous waste
•Kitchen waste Oil
•Plastic bags
•Plastic takeout containers and utensils
•Waxed cartons
•Yard waste

One other thing we do is composting. We have a tumbler composter which we used for awhile. The problem with it is you have to let the tumbler steep for about 6 weeks to let the waste breakdown into compost. So instead we got a worm composter. There are seven trays where the worms live. You put food in the bottom tray and the worms eat the food, poop in the lower tray and move up to the next tray. You add food to the next highest tray and then take the bottom tray and put it around your plants.

(Drum composter)